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Asia and the Pacific Desalination Association APDA, referred to as "Asia-Pacific Desalination Association" is the International Desalination Association (IDA) in the Asia Pacific branch of the organization. The association of experts, research institutes, enterprises and all the volunteers care for water desalination and water treatment industry in Asia Pacific and other eminent persons and voluntary participation, and currently director of the Asia-Pacific Desalination Association has seven units (in alphabetical order Preface: Australian water Association (AWA)

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APDAaffiliates include Australia water association (AWA), Indian desalinationassociation (InDA), Korea desalination plant association (KDPA), Pakistandesalination association (PakDA), membrane industry association of China (MIAC),Singapore water association (SWA). Members of APDA affiliates can be members ofAPDA, automatically and enjoy benefits from APDA membership.

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