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Pakistan Desalination Association(PakDA)

Pakistan Desalination Association(PakDA)

ThePakistan Desalination Association (PakDA) is a non-profit organizationdedicated to the development, promotion and appropriate use of desalinationtechnology in Pakistan.  The PakDA wasestablished in 1994 by Fayyaz Muddassir Mubeen, a desalination expert and amechanical engineer by profession who is also the current president of theassociation.  The members of theassociation include end-users, suppliers of the desalination equipment, engineeringconsultants, personnel involved in operation and maintenance of desalinationplants and finally academic institutions and their staff. Categoriesof membership include public and regulatory agencies, industrial users, watersuppliers, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, consultants, engineers andacademia.  The Executive Council andtheir appointed office bearers govern the association on two years basis.

International Affiliations

The Pakistan DesalinationAssociation is an affiliate of the International Desalination Association (IDA)and has also established contacts and understanding with American MembraneTechnology Association (AMTA) and European Desalination Society (EDS).

       The present president of PakDA waselected as one of the directors of IDA in 1999 and still he has that honour withhim.

PakDA Affiliates

       The association has the followingaffiliates at present:

  • Pakistan Membrane Society (PMS)

  • Pakistan Ozone Association (POA)



    Regional Chapters in Pakistan

     Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quettaand Kashmir

    Overseas Chapters

    AbuDhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Jeddah, Jubail, Kuwait and Oman

    PakDA NEWS

      The association publishes a quarterly magazineproviding desalination activities in Pakistan and the world. From September2002, it is distributed as electronic flyer.

           CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS:  Theassociation organizes conferences, workshops, and seminars in different partsof the country in order to promote understanding of desalination technology.

           MEMBERS’ DIRECTORY:  Theassociation also publishes annually a directory of its members with theiraddresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses   From January 2003, it will be available aselectronic MS WORLD file.

           DESALINATION PLANT INVENTORY:  Theassociation has started work on preparation of an inventory of all desalinationplant small or large, which have been installed and operating in Pakistan.

           Career Counseling and Scholarship: The association also provides counselingservices for the university students who would like to pursue career indesalination technology.  The associationhas provided consultancy to Pakistani and foreign engineering students tocomplete their research programs. 

           BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP: The members of the association receive thequarterly “PAKDA NEWS,” and Membership Directory free of cost. 


    President:                  Fayyaz Muddassir Mubeen

    VicePresident:           Nisar Ahmad

    SecretaryGeneral             Muhammad Irfan Sheikh


    POSTALADDRESS:  B- 138, Block – 15

    GulistanJauhar,   Karachi – 75290

    Telephone:  + 9221-463-813-1946 and 463-1947

    Fax:            + 9221-461-5643

    Email:           fayyazmubeen@

                     fayyazmubeen @