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Asia-Pacific Desalination Association (APDA) isa branch of International Desalination Association (IDA)in Asia-Pacific region.APDA is an organization that brings together experts, research institutions,companies and all people concerned about water protection from across the waterdesalination profession. Currently, there are 7 executive member organizations(Australian Water Association (AWA), Japan Desalination Association (JDA), IndianDesalinationAssociation (InDA), South Korea Desalination Association (KDPA), PakistanDesalinationAssociation (PakDA), the Membrane Industry Association of China  (MIAC), SingaporeWater Association (SWA)).

APDA follows its ownconstitution and governancemodel. The association aims to advance thedevelopment of sea water desalination and other water treatment technologies inAsia-Pacific region, to strengthen the collaboration of companies, universitiesand research institutions in the region, and to promote the intra-regional communicationand cooperation. The major responsibilities of the association are tostrengthen the communication with other desalination associations, to providemore technology & industrial information for members, to organize andimplement technologies transfer in this region, and to hold academicconferences and exhibitions. It is also dedicated to serving the membersoutside IDA, advancing the development of seawater desalination and waterresearch in Asia-Pacific region, and boosting sustainable development ofeconomy in this region.

Abiding by relevantpolicies and regulations, APDA will try its best to serve and protect theinterest of its members. With the help of associations in desalination area inevery country, APDA will make much effort to advance technology in thedesalination industry in Asia-Pacific region, to help bring the managementmodel of desalination companies up to international level, to strengthen theinternational communication and collaboration, and to accelerate thedevelopment of the desalination industry.