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SWA-APDA Joint Conference & APDA Board Meeting

Asia-Pacific Desalination Association (APDA) is a branch of InternationalDesalination Association (IDA) in Asia-Pacific region. It consists of executivemember organizations such as Australian Water Association (AWA), JapanDesalination Association (JDA), Indian Desalination Association (InDA), KoreaDesalination Plant Association (KDPA), Pakistan Desalination Association(PakDA),  MembraneIndustry Association of China (MIAC) and Singapore Water Association(SWA) andChinese Taipei. To strengthen the communication with other desalination associationsand provide more technology & industrial information for members, the ADPA JointConference has beenheld annually in China, Australia, India, Singapore, Japan & Korea since 2008. This year, SWA-APDA Joint Conference is going to be held at Singaporeduring the week of SIWW.

This Event is supported by PUBand SIWW(


Co- Chairman:

Mr.Tan Cheng Guan/ President of SWA

MasaruKurihara / President of APDA


Co- Secretariats:

Mr.You Jin De/ MIAC

Dr.CHIU Kuang-ping / SWA


Organizing Committee:

 Mike Dixon,PhD / AWA

Ms.Li Linmei / MIAC

 Dr.P.K.Tewari/ InDA.

Dr.Hideo Iwahashi / JDA

 Mr.F.M.Mubeen / PakDA

Dr.CHIU Kuang-ping / SWA

Prof.In S.Kim / KDPA

Prof.Huang Chih Pin / Chinise Taipei


1) Theme: Leading Edge Technology on Desalination and WaterReuse

- FromAsia-Pacific to The World -

2) Time & Venue:

1) SWA-APDA Joint Conference: July 11 2018, 13:00-16:15

Venue: Cassia 3205(Tentative)

2) APDA Board Meeting: July 11, 2018, 16:30-17:30

   Venue: Begonia Junior 3012, level 3, MarinaBay Sands

4) Program:TBA





13:00-13:05 (5‘)


Tan Cheng Guan

(President, SWA)

 Moderator :


13:05-13:10 (5‘)

Welcoming remark  

Masaru Kurihara

(President, APDA)




Session 1: Emerging technologies

         Based on State-Sponsored R&D

Chairs :

Masaru Kurihara

CHIU Kuang-ping 

Presentation 1:

Strategic Researches on desalination by PUB



PUB (PUB to nominate)

Presentation 2:

The present and policy of seawater

desalination in China

Xie Chungang

(Dr., Institute of Seawater Desalination & Multipurpose Utilization (ISDMU))

Presentation 3:

Further Progress of “Mega-ton Water System”

Masaru Kurihara

(Dr., Fellow, Toray Industries., Inc.)

Hideaki Kurokawa

(Ph.D. Senior Chief Engineer, Hitachi Ltd.)

Presentation 4:

Pressure-assisted Forward Osmosis (PAFO)-Reverse Osmosis (RO) Hybrid Process: Steps toward Commercial Reality


In S. Kim

(Prof., Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology )

14:30-14:50 (20‘)

Coffee Break



Session 2:  Emerging technologies

 in industry

Chairs :

In S. Kim

Chiu Kuang-Ping

Presentation 5:

RO Industry in China: present and future


Jin Yan

(Dr., General Manager, Vontron)

Presentation 6:

Hollow Fiber FO membrane and its applications

Hidehiko Sakurai

(Deputy Director, Toyobo Co., Ltd.)

Presentation 7:

Challenges in Designing of Desalinating Plant with Dual Intakes for Energy Efficiently

Chiu Kuang-Ping

(Dr., Executive Director, AECOM Singapore)

Presentation 8:




15:50-16:10 (20‘)

Panel discussion


16:10-16:15 (5’)


Masaru Kurihara